Meet the Partners

Browning Investments

Browning Investments, Inc. has been engaged in the acquisition, ownership, development, construction, leasing, management and disposition of investment real estate properties since 1977. The company arranges project financing using equity capital from internal sources, private placements and joint venture relationships, along with mortgage financing from a variety of major institutions around the country, including banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Browning is comprised of a core group of experienced real estate professionals with extensive and varied experience in the commercial real estate industry. Browning Investments, Inc. is guided by an entrepreneurial ethic and has demonstrated the ability to respond quickly to ever-changing economic conditions and take advantage of opportunities, regardless of their complexity.

Duke Realty

Duke Realty is one of the largest publicly traded, vertically integrated commercial real estate companies in the United States. Founded in 1972 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Duke Realty now has properties in 18 major markets across the country, specializing in the ownership, management, development and construction of industrial, medical office and office buildings.

With a focus on major ports and intermodal markets where warehouse/distribution facilities are needed and on cities with increasing demands for office and medical office buildings, Duke Realty has a diversified investment portfolio, both in terms of geographic presence and product type. Its portfolio includes approximately 148 million square feet of properties.

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